history of the club

              Behind the formation of the Neath Golf Club, and the construction of a course and clubhouse worthy of the ancient borough. Lies a story of great endeavour and perseverance in the overcoming of obstacles.
At the outset, particular mention should be made of its pioneer founder
Mr M.H Daniel. It was he who saw the necessity for a golf club in neath, and it was he who had the courage to put his ideas in to practice.
For twenty two years he had been a member of the Swansea Bay Golf Club, and he realised the serious obstacle that presented itself to the youth of the town when the club and the course were situated some miles away.
Thus he conceived the idea of forming a club at in Neath.and after making a personal canvass of many townspeople, a meeting was called at the neath public library on July 18th 1933,and there a committee was appointed to further examine the proposal of forming a club.
At this critical period in its formation, the club was extremely fortunate in receiving the support of Mr A.J Morris, who became the first chairman. His genius for organisation and keen business acumen were invaluable assets, and his name will stand out as one of the clubs most energetic and generous founders. His was not a passive interest, but a wholehearted enthusiasm, and not only did he work unceasingly for the success of the club, but also contributed generously to its finances. Just as he has helped in other fields of sport, he assured the success of the Neath golf club by his great interest and endeavours.
About two months later, on September 11th, the committee reported their findings at another well attended public meeting, held at the Neath Public Library. The report showed that great strides had been made. And that the services of Mr Hummble, the llandrindod professional, had been acquired, and a suitable site at glannant, cimla, had been inspected. Negotiations had been made for the procuring of the land, which would be excellent for a nine hole course.
It was at this meeting that the officers of the club were elected, and the appointments were as follows: mr d.m.evans-bevan,j.p.,president: mr Jonah Arnold,j.p., and mr george f.hern,vice presidents: mr a j morris,m.b.e chairman: mr d.r jones,treasurer,and mr m.h Daniel,secetary…………….next page







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