history of the club

        It seemed, after that meeting, that the stage was set for carrying out the work of construction and it was anticipated that the course would be open in the spring or 1934.the greatest setback of all, however was yet to come. The negotiation for the acquiring of the glannant site fell through, bringing the committee to a deadlock. They endeavoured to acquire a potion of the Gnoll estate witch covers a wide area, but the town council refused their application.
Thus it appeared that all plans for forming a golf club at neath must fall through, but this was not so. Every member of the committee was enthusiastic, and the untiring secretary refused to accept defeat. He searched the country side around neath for a suitable site, and having inspected land on the parson’s folly side, eventually found the ideal site at Gellia farm, Cadoxton.
Having made the necessary enquiries, Another public meeting was called at the Neath Rural District Council Chamber on April 28th 1934.the attendance at that meeting was more than encouraging and the report from the committee that a site large enough for an eighteen-hole course was available was received with acclamation. It was unanimously decided to carry on with the work, and was agreed to have the course planned and inspected by Mr James Braid, of Walton heath. The open golf champion.
From that time on tremendous progress was made. Unhindered by any serious obstacles. The committee worked unceasingly to accomplish their task.
On May 14th and 15th 1933.mr James Braid, who is recognised as the finest mountain golf course architect in the country visited the site at Gellia.he planned the course and expressed the greatest satisfaction at the site selected. He described the course thus: “It is a first class course, ideally situated. I consider that the condition is excellent and the course is nicely undulating without being too severe. the situation is superb for the playing of golf, and I can say definitely that there is a possibility of making it an absolutely first class golf course’s may say that when the turf gets into condition it will lend itself to “brassie lies.” the holes are very interesting and, with so much material there to work on, the course provides remarkable facilities for variation by shortening or lengthening the holes on occasion demands and, when necessary. To give all championship requirements.”
Here is an extract from his official report: “having been invited by you to inspect site and lay out an eighteen hole course, I herewith report my visit, and have the pleasure in stating that the site lends itself admirably to the construction of a first class course. The views from every part of the course are magnificent and extensive, whilst the air is most exhilarating. The fairways only require to be cut to be first class, and the ball will usually be sitting up to be hit.”
With such satisfactory expert opinion, the success of the venture was assured it gave fresh impetus and courage to the committee,and they went forward,sweeping all obstacles before them,to attain their goal...….....next page







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